Our Story

Unique textiles, colourful and vibrant prints with a relaxed and carefree attitude is the embodiment of Wren Designs. 


Growing up in Merimbula, a small coastal town on the aptly named 'Sapphire Coast', Southern NSW Australia, Jen McCullough, founder and designer of Wren Designs was influenced by the colours abound and the relaxed lifestyle the surf community lived by. Always loving fashion, working in retail in the local surf shop, her passion and ideas were slowly unfolding. 


At 20, Jen embarked on a year of travels throughout the world, countries steeped in ancient traditions of fabrics and clothing: Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, South America to name a few. 

That year abroad led to the next 10 years traveling both overseas and within Australia, with time living in Merimbula, Broome, Barcelona, Kathmandu and in a monastery in Sikkim.


When Jen met her future husband, John, a new journey began! His work took them to India, living within eyesight of the Himalayas, then onto Dubai living on Palm Jumeirah. Going from sari markets to spice markets, from curry to fattoush!  


When John's work brought them back to Australia and Darwin, with one young baby and another on the way Jen's passion of designing and sewing was awakened, drawing from her wealth of experiences, influences and ideas.


Wren Designs was launched in 2014 with a focus on fusing beautiful fabrics and functional designs to make the wearer feel gorgeous, glamorous and feminine.


In 2016, after 6 years of tropical living in Darwin, a new adventure came as the family relocated to Christchurch and then at the end of 2018, to Cambridge, New Zealand. The challenge for Jen is now to design and create clothing for the cooler climate yet retaining the easy, tropical lifestyle vibe that Wren Designs clothing inspires. With new textures and fabrics to explore, it's a task Jen is relishing.


One aspect of fashion that Jen feels is a must is the versatility to wear an outfit casually or as something 'a little bit special'. She strives to create pieces you can quickly pop on to head out the door for a school or supermarket run, yet still feel fabulous, then with a change of accessories, into some heels, you can wear the same outfit for a glamourous night out. 

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Wren Designs is a boutique handmade ladies fashion store based in Cambridge, New Zealand

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